Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Giving: 'The greatest feeling you'll ever have'

Bloorview has exciting news. This morning Canadian investment executive Bill Holland (in photo with Ben Hopper, 14) announced his family was donating $20 million to Bloorview Kids Rehab. The Holland family has already donated $6.2 million to the hospital. In recognition of their extraordinary giving, Bloorview is adding the Holland name to our name. Our new name is Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. See the profile on Bill below!

Giving: 'The greatest feeling you'll ever have

Who: Bill Holland, CEO of CI Financial Corp. Canadian investment executive, father, philanthropist.

What: A $20 million gift to Bloorview to recruit the world’s best pediatric rehab physicians, scientists and therapists; build a program that will see parents and youth work alongside clinicians to improve hospital care and safety, teach future healthcare professionals, and support families; and increase capacity for training post-doctoral research and developmental pediatric fellows. Bill’s gift kicks off the No Limits campaign by Bloorview Kids Foundation to raise $80 million for the hospital. In total, Bill has donated $26.2 million to Bloorview.

Why: “I think that Bloorview is an amazing institution. When I walked in there the first time I was blown away by the kids, which is the thing that immediately grabs you. But then seeing the volunteers and staff and the heart and soul they put into their day job, that’s remarkable. Childhood disability is a prevalent problem in our society and demand for services at Bloorview far outstrips supply. In order to build capacity, we need to attract world-class talent. The better we populate Bloorview with world-class professionals, the better the hospital becomes.”

‘When you make a contribution to a place like Bloorview and you get a letter a year later from the mother of a child who was helped in a very significant way there – that’s the greatest feeling you’ll ever have.’


What a wonderful contribution to a wonderful place. I recently got to see Bloorview and it felt so different - so warm and welcoming. Glad to see it's getting such a generous gift.

Bloorview is such an amazing place; so warm, inviting and full of inspiration and hope. I cannot think of another institution more deserving of such a kind and generous gift.

I like your blog very much. You have shared a nice and very informational content.

Wonderful to see Bloorview receive such tremendous support and very well deserved recognition.
On behalf of many, many parents who rely on this facility for their childrens' care, THANK YOU to the Holland Family for their exceptional and thoughtful contribution!