Monday, May 30, 2016

'I'm making a play about normality'

"My name is Jacob," begins the film Natural Disorder, which played last month at the Hot Docs international film festival in Toronto. "The first time people meet me they get an instinctive impulse to either run away from me...or to kill me."

Jacob Nossell is a Danish stand-up comedian with cerebral palsy. "He could have been 'deselected' by scientists and his parents before he even was born," reads a press description of the documentary. "And realistically, he is now a burden on society..." 

In Natural Disorder, Jacob mounts an interactive play for the Royal Danish Theatre. Act 1 is called "Do I have the right to live?" He recounts the story of his adoption as an infant and how, a few months later, the adoption agency offered to "exchange" him when it was determined he had a disability.

One of our clinicians recommends this documentary highly. Click on Natural Disorder to read more and view the trailer. Let us know if you've seen it and what you think.


The concept - and the reality - of being "deselected" is a big thing.

I will admit I thought NATURAL DISORDER was a comedy.

Adoption agencies and their exchanges/disruptions! They do this in Denmark too.

Parese - paresis?

Louise, you are so plugged in...I have not seen this, but I am so very intrigued...

My new motto is: nothing changes until someone feels something (via Gaping Void). All I can say is: Go Jacob go. The only way this messed up beautiful world is going to change for the better is by creating space for people to tell their stories.

I like the concept and the trailer looks really good. I also have to support a fellow Torontonian.