Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday morning read and listen

Who knew the Blue Lagoon in Iceland markets its services to wheelchair users and those with other special needs?

Check out CurbFree by Cory Lee (in photo above) for this detailed account of his recent trip with a wheelchair. And here Blue Lagoon lists its accessibility features.

Canadian lawyer David Lepofsky gave a brilliant talk at the 2nd Annual CP-NET Science and Family Day last week on making education disability-accessible. Please take a listen.

And read these two important stories from The New York Times over the weekend. In The Myth of the 'Autistic Shooter,' Far From The Tree author Andrew Solomon writes that there's no connection between autism and murder, despite scapegoating after a recent shooting in Oregon.

And this fascinating and horrifying review of the biography of 'The Hidden Kennedy daughter' documents the Kennedy's family inability to accept Rosemary Kennedy, who struggled to learn to read and write and couldn't compete with her brilliant and athletic siblings. They sent her away to numerous schools, camps and convents and eventually authorized a prefrontal lobotomy that left her permanently disabled and unable to care for herself. The details are shocking.

Happy Tuesday folks!