Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bulletproof 'is an experiment in extreme diversity'

In the opening of the trailer for Becoming Bulletproof, one of the actors says: “You never really see anybody with a disability on TV.”

Becoming Bulletproof documents the remaking of a 1920 Western film called Bulletproof, with a twist: its actors include people with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy as well as those without disabilities. One of the filmmakers describes it as “an experiment in extreme diversity.”

The actors meet every year at Zeno Mountain Farm
in Vermont to write, produce and star in short films. The farm was founded by two brothers and their wives with the goal of building friendships through projects in film, art, theatre, sports and music. No one is paid to work with the group and no one pays to come and participate. The group is funded by donations and all proceeds from Becoming Bulletproof go to Zeno Mountain Farm.

The film, which has won a number of awards at festivals, had a screening Monday at the Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled.

I hope to learn more about how and why Zeno Mountain Farm was created and perhaps interview one of the filmmakers. Stay tuned! Louise