Friday, January 31, 2014

Emilie's world tour unites children with disabilities

Emilie, 9 (centre), is travelling the world from her home of Lyon, France to meet children with disabilities, learn about their experiences and break social isolation. Emilie has cerebral palsy.

Most recently she and her mother Agnès spent three weeks in Peru. During this time they lived with three families: one had a child with Down syndrome, one had a child with autism and one had a child with cerebral palsy.

"We followed their everyday life, [rehabilitation] and school and shared ideas to improve quality of life," says Agnès Rairoux, Emilie's mother. "It was a fascinating and positive experience."

The family has started an association called Handiworld where you can watch a video clip of Emilie explaining her world tour.

We hope they may make a visit to Holland Bloorview during a trip to Canada!


This is something that I also hope to do one day, but my parents will never come with me, as I wish to visit the "hot spots" in the world. So, I need to do a little writing and figure out some other way.

Matt Kamaratakis

Wow That is amazing. There is not many people who would travel the world to see how life is for some of these individuals, and to break social isolation. To have that experiance, and to watch, and learn so you can help them is such a great thing to do. I would deffiantly like to see Emily's video clip explaining her world tour.