Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fit for a queen

A mom who writes at Maggie World shared this pic of daughter Maggie, 19 (top right), in her prom dress designed by Anne Marie, 16 (top left).

"It's very difficult for Maggie to wear dresses because the straps from her wheelchair come right up between her legs. Further, her trache tube needs some sort of covering. This daughter of my friend loves to design clothes and designed and created a dress specifically for Maggie to wear to her prom night.

"She drew the pattern, let Maggie pick the fabric and then created it quite literally out of whole cloth. It is difficult to see how amazing this is because Anne Marie made it look so effortless. The straps on Maggie's chair come up through her legs but that's hidden by the design. Because it's a skirt, the straps can come through the waistband and secure her to the chair. The scarf is another amazing feature. It begins as a sash of sorts sewn to the camisole and then continues as a scarf to use for Maggie's trache. "It's ingenious. It's thoughtful. And it's so very generous."

I love it!