Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Family devotion

A Chinese grandmother carries her granddaughter, who can't walk, on her back -- two hours to school, and two hours back -- everyday. Humbling!


This is a sobering and welcome antidote to the recent defeat in our legislature regarding the United Nations treaty on disability rights. It's also a personal reminder of what I have to be grateful for --

Hi Elizabeth -- when I saw her carrying her up all those steps -- and imagined the 4 hour back and forth journey, everyday, my knees ached. Such sad news about the treaty not being passed!

Louise, thank you for sharing this inspiring story. It's important for stories like this to get around. What we'll do for our children and grandchildren!

Elizabeth, do you know when and why the treaty was defeated? Would you have a link to information about this? Thank you.

Oh my goodness this story is so inspiring! As a mama of a little girl with CP, this reminds me how incredibly fortunate our family is to have access to the resources our daughter needs. Those stairs look so brutal, but wow both of them are such an inspiration!

Anonymous: You should be able to find much information about the defeat of the treaty in the US congress -- a shameful day, indeed. Basically a small group of far right Republicans stymied it, and since it needed a 2/3rds majority to pass, it didn't. Objections included the usual conservative fear of U.S. sovereignty and mistrust of the United Nations.

Thanks Elizabeth for getting back to me. I didn't realize you were talking about the US congress. I'm living in Canada and thought you were referring to the Canadian government!