Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hi -- A few people have let me know that they have tried to post comments but the comments don't come through.

Sometimes if you are sending a long comment, the comment function will 'time out' and you will lose what you tried to submit.

For anyone having trouble posting a comment, please e-mail it to me at lkinross@hollandbloorview.ca and I will post for you.

Thanks! Louise


Hello Everyone,

Louise is right! The important thing to remember is not to panic -this is easier said than done. For example, once your comment becomes "timed out", so to speak, do not to resubmit it, as you will lose what you've written. Simply, minimize your window, and then, log-in to your email. Afterwards, you can safely cut and paste your thoughts to BLOOM. Don't forget to hit send!!!


Louise, I also had the same issue with comments on my blog. A blogging friend explained that the problem is actually with Blogger's "embedded comments" setting. If you switch the setting to leaving comments in a pop-up window, the issue is resolved. The navigation trail is Settings > Comments > Comment Form Placement > Pop-up window. I hope that helps here and with any of your readers whose Blogger-hosted blogs are experiencing difficulty accepting comments.