Friday, July 30, 2010

Discharge day

Here's Ben and I waiting for his last physio session as an inpatient. Instead of complaining through every exercise, he laughed hysterically, giddy at the thought he was going home.

I'm taking a much-needed break for the next two weeks, but our amazing BLOOM designer Sara will be here to moderate your comments.

In September I'm speaking on a panel about how social media can be used to see through the eyes of the patient/family. Today I read that the Mayo Clinic had just opened up its very own Center for Social Media. Here, its medical director talks about how he believes social media will revolutionize health care by providing a new platform for patient voices and better connecting patients and professionals.

What do you think?

I believe there are many ways we could be using the BLOOM blog to better empower parents raising kids with special needs. In addition to having experts answer your questions, we could pose practical questions to our parent and professional readers and generate, through comments, your collective wisdom on a topic.



I have to mull over any suggestions to make, but I wanted to say...

CONGRATULATIONS BEN!!! Yippee!!! Home at last, my friend!!!

Enjoy your time at summer camp. YOU deserve it, especially after all that hard physio work. Ben, our family is so happy for you.

Louise, I hope you enjoy your much needed vacation. If you do make it East, call us. We'd love to meet you and your family!

Have a great break Louise.
I know social media, and particularly blogs by parents of children with disabilities, have been extremely useful for me.


Very happy for you both at going home! He looks very good in that photo! Barbara