Monday, January 4, 2010

The time of your life

We may only go 'round one time
As far as I can tell
It's the time of your life so live it well!

Listening to that song from A Bug’s Life is one of my best memories from Christmas. We gave Ben a CD of Pixar theme songs and he and I sat on the couch and swayed side to side to these somewhat goofy songs with such irrepressible spirit that I couldn’t help smiling.

I think Ben would make the perfect Pixar movie character – an underdog with a heart of gold and an impish, mischievous character. An unlikely hero.

Recently, I met and wrote about some people who inspire me to live my life to the fullest (click on the links to read their stories).

Lauren Daly and Nicole Flynn are elite athletes who train up to 17 hours a week as synchronized swimming duet partners. Lauren has cerebral palsy and Nicole has Down syndrome. These teenagers were a delight to interview because they’re great friends who are passionate about what they do (I even got to see a modified routine on land). They make me want to go out and try something new and not give up no matter what.

Gavin White was an avid hockey player and cyclist when his arms and legs went numb and he began falling over. Six weeks later the 16-year-old was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder that left him in hospital for four months, paralyzed and on life-support. When he came to Bloorview for seven months of gruelling, painful rehabilitation, he couldn’t move. ‘Grace’ is the word that came to mind when I interviewed Gavin. He recently defied the odds by running with the Olympic torch.

And Louise Kublick has spent her career making swimming accessible to kids with all degrees of disability.

I salute them and wish you a Happy New Year!


Thank you so much for inspiring me.
It is wonderful to see motivated kids unlimited by any disability.
My special needs daughter is flourishing in the swim team of our YMCA. It has given her body strength, confidence and a group of enthusiastic kids to mingle with.
Every parent can be inspired by this post to find what thrills and empowers their children.

I especially enjoyed this post. The interviews are really great!

Thank you Lianna and Caroline. I hope our readers will click on your links and check our your wonderful blogs.